Kayaking and Paddleboarding

If you've never salt water kayaked or paddleboarded before – this is the place to learn. It’s easy – these ocean kayaks and paddleboards are wide and stable, making for easy navigation and manuverability. FBV has one and two person kayaks for you to choose from.

The shallow creek at the southern end of Fernandez Bay makes for a peaceful, quiet trip through twisting and turning waterways. Dubbed an “aquatic nature hike”, the Creek is a nursery for baby sharks, manta rays and other small fish. Paddlers can see them cruising along the sandy bottom or darting in and out of the mangrove trees.

Shell Beach, at the other end of the creek is the perfect place to anchor your craft, have a picnic, look for shells and soak up the warm Bahamian sun.

Fernandez Bay Village can also supply maps and directions leading the way through the creek to "Boiling Hole". This is a snorkeler friendly blue hole with attitude. The blue holes of Cat Island are filled with legends and folklore. Locals tell of both mermaids and sea monsters inhabiting them. Whether fact or fiction, the legends surrounding the Blue Holes of Cat Island make them a curious attraction and an unforgettable adventure to explore.

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